Snore Guards

Dentist Serving Omaha, Lincoln, Papillion, Nebraska

Over 80 million Americans snore habitually. Snoring is not only a nuisance to your friends and family members; it also prevents you from getting a restful night's sleep. Recent studies show that a custom-made snoreguard is an effective way to prevent snoring and return restful slumber.

Snoring occurs when airways are blocked by the tongue, limiting air flow and causing noisy vibrations. A snoreguard works by holding the lower jaw forward, increasing three dimensional space, and reducing air velocity. By enlarging space for airflow, Silent Nite Snoreguards eliminate snore-causing vibrations and allow more oxygen to reach your brain. The result is a deeper, snore-free sleep.

At our Omaha dental office we offer Silent Nite snoreguards because they are:

  • Comfortable. Your snoreguard will be custom made based on models we provide of your teeth.
  • Flexible. The materials used to create your snoreguard allow for subtle jaw movements which will prevent morning jaw stiffness.
  • Thin. You won't have to worry about a bulky, uncomfortable snoreguard with Silent Nite.

If you're ready to stop snoring, contact our Omaha dentist to schedule your consultation. We'll be glad to answer any questions you may have about Silent Nite Snoreguards.