Sedation Dentistry

Dentist Serving Omaha, Lincoln, Papillion, Nebraska

Sedation dentist in Omaha, Dr. Stanosheck, is a compassionate dentist who cares about our patients. He understands that dental anxiety is a common phobia that affects millions of Americans. To calm frayed nerves, Dr. Stano offers safe, effective sedation methods, including nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, and oral sedation.

Patients who experience anxiety or trepidation about visiting the dentist can experience a state of complete mental and physical relaxation with sedation dentistry. Dr. Stanosheck will discuss your concerns to determine the sedation method that's right for you.

Nitrous oxide is a commonly used gas that alleviates anxiety and prevents discomfort. If you experience moderate to extreme dental anxiety, Dr. Stano may recommend oral sedation. He'll prescribe medication for you to take an hour before your appointment. You'll be completely relaxed after the medicine takes effect, so a friend or relative should drive you to and from our office.

During your sedation dentistry appointment, we'll tend to your needs and comfort and monitor your vital signs. You'll be able to converse with Dr. Stano and our team during your treatments, but you won't remember the specifics of your procedures. The effects of oral sedation subside gradually. Most patients resume normal activities the evening following their sedation dentistry appointment.

Oral sedation is also a good option for patients who want to complete lengthy or numerous restorative or cosmetic dentistry procedures in a single visit.

Contact our sedation dentist at The Smile Design Studio today to schedule your appointment. Our dental office provides leading-edge sedation dentistry for residents of Omaha, Lincoln, Papillion, and La Vista.